Scuba Specialty Courses – Scuba Diving Training

Activity type: Scuba Diving School


Capo Carbonara - Villasimius - Sardinia

from 140,00285,00

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Archeo Diving Activities and excursions - Villasimius - Sardinia

Scuba Specialty Courses – Scuba Diving Training

Activity type: Scuba Diving School

Villasimius - Sardinia

  • Scuba Diving courses are planned and organized following your needs with one of our instructors.
  • Most of the courses are short and they can be completed in around 3 days, some other courses need a bit more time to be completed. Don’t warry your Instructor will give you all the information you need the first time you will meet him.
  • Many courses have dives included except for those that are specially structured for theory only.
  • All the equipment is included and the digital study material is included too.
  • At the and of your course you will receive a recognition digital card that you can bring with you everywhere on your smartphone. If you don’t have one, we can order a plastic card for a small surcharge (less Eco-friendly method… we don’t like it at all).


How it works:

  • E-Mail or call us
  • Tell us the Scuba Diving Course or training you are interested in
  • Plan your training with the instructor
  • Fill up the papers and start your course


What is included?
Every course is different but they all include:

  • All the learning material
  • 2 sessions of training in the confined water
  • 2 dives in the open water
  • Final exam
  • Digital (for free) or plastic card certification (fee payment needed)


*Keep in mind that plastic is a big threat for our planet and that our digital certification is incredibly cool!


Our scuba diving instructors are highly experienced and qualified. They will make your scuba diving course effective and easy and at the end of it you will be a real and well prepared diver.


*Some scuba diving courses are only suitable for kids older than 8.

Scuba Specialty Courses – Scuba Diving Training


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Scuba Specialty Courses – Scuba Diving Training

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Scuba Specialty Courses – Scuba Diving Training


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Archeo Diving SNC

Via Degli Oleandri 10
09049 Villasimius (Cagliari) – Italy

+39 346 301 6432

+39 320 153 8591

Activity type: Scuba Diving School

Pricing & Info
Boat Diving 140€
Computer Diving 140€
Coral Identification 140€
Deep Diving 235€
Diver Stress and Rescue 285€
Ecological Diving 140€
Enriched Air Nitrox 185€
Equipments Techniques 190€
Fish Identification 140€
Independent Diving 285€
Marine Ecology 140€
Navigation 235€
Night Dive & Limited Visibility 235€
Perfect Buoyancy 235€
Photo & Video 235€
React Right 150€
Recreational Side Mount Diving 250€
Science of Diving 250€
Search & Recovery 250€
Waves Tides & Currents 250€
Wreck Diving 250€