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Scuba Diving Courses – Villasimius


  • Scuba Diving courses are planned and organized following your needs with one of our instructors.
  • Most of the courses are short and they can be completed in around 3 days, some other courses need a bit more time to be completed. Don’t warry your Instructor will give you all the information you need the first time you will meet him.
  • Many courses have dives included except for those that are specially structured for theory only.
  • All the equipment is included and the digital study material is included too.
  • At the and of your course you will receive a recognition digital card that you can bring with you everywhere on your smartphone. If you don’t have one, we can order a plastic card for a small surcharge (less Eco-friendly method… we don’t like it at all).

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3 days
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Scuba diving course

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Are you completely felt in love with the underwater world and the only thing you can do is thinking about diving?

So.. you are in the right place to start your adventure and become a diver or simply to improve your scuba skills to become more and more comfortable underwater reaching deeper water depths and discovering more about of the infinite world below the sea level.

We are a five-star Scuba Diving School and we run scuba diving training for everyone who wants to learn more about this fantastic world. From the first level of Open Open Water diver to a professional Dive Guide, with plenty of specialities that you can choose at your choice.

Archeo Diving Scuba Diving centre will give you the possibility to become a diver or a better diver, giving you modern digital material to study that you can follow from every tech device you have with you like Smartphone, Tablets or a computer… no any more lots of paper. So yes! we are ECO-Friendly people and you will be too!

A professional and expert instructor will teach you all the secrets about Scuba Diving going thru training videos, digital study material and jumping in the confined water to make you incredibly comfortable underwater and giving you all the skills you need before to finally jump in the open water where you will be able to control every aspect of the dive that you are making. In the end, you will be a real diver or if you already were a diver you will become a better diver expanding your knowledge about scuba diving.

With Archeo Diving you can make your dream becoming real.

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Course type

Try Scuba – (with recognition), Scuba Diver – 12mt, Scuba Rangers (age 8 to 12), Open Water Diver – Level 1 (4 dives), Advanced Adventurer (4 specialities intro – 4 dives), Speciality Diver – Level 2 (2 Specialities – 12 dives), Advanced Open Water Diver – Level 3 (4 specialities – 24 dives), Master Diver – Level 4 (5 specialities – 50 dives), Dive Guide – Level pro (4 specialities – 40 dives)


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