Here you can find all the useful information concerning our activities and the conduct of them

For any other information please contact us via Whatsapp, email or call us

All you need is a big bag of smiles while everything is provided by us! You’ll find masks, fins and snorkel in adults sizes, juniors sizes and kids sizes as well.

If you want to feel warmer in the water you can ask for a shorty wetsuit, which will give you about twice as long before starting to feel cold. It means you could spend about 30 to 45 minutes per spot while swimming around and watching the beauties of the protected marine area of Capo Carbonara.

Obviously you will be leaded around by a professional guide which is going to take care of you, your comfort and your safety.

You can also bring with you a small bag on the boat to carry some of your important things.

On the boat there is a place where you can securely keep your stuff.

In case of need we also have dry bags that you can hire for the excursion in which you can put your things and keep them super dry.

Everything needed for Kayak and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) excursions is provided by us. You will be given your single or double Kayak or your SUP board, paddles and life jackets which are required for this kind of activities.

If you are doing Kayak you could also add a dry bag as extra in order to carry your stuff with you while keeping it super dry!

So feel free to bring your smartphone and make as many pictures as you can! You will be impressed by the extraordinary beauties you are going to see.

We suggest you not to carry a dry bag or any other thing while going for a SUP adventure. In fact in this activity you will have many chances to get wet, especially at the beginning when you are starting to get confidence with the board.

But don’t worry because our guide will take picutures for you with our camera.

You will be going with a professional guide which will bring you all around the best Kayak and SUP routes.

This will be an amazing experience!

You have to be a licensed scuba diver. It doesn’t matter if you are an open water (allowed to go to 18 meters) or if you are an expert diver, we have a variety of diving spots where to go for really beautiful divings.

We will ask you to provide us your diving license or your scuba diver certificate.

We also have a website section where you can find all the documents to fill up online that are mandatory to go for scuba diving excursions and even for different excursions.

Spend five minutes of your time to fill up all the required forms so you won’t have to do it when you come to meet us at the shop before your excursion.

Remember to always be safe when you dive, to respect all the diving rules and to always listen to our professional and experienced guides.

They will give you all the comfort you need to make your dive comfortable.

It’s important that you also know that we don’t make any decompression dive, so we respect all the time the no decompression limits.

In the protected marine area there are several rules to follow: one of those is that you can’t dive by yourself, you have to be with a registered guide who can take you underwater in the protected area.

Don’t touch anything underwater and don’t bring anything with you from a dive.

These are simple rules but are also very important for your safety and to preserve our loved protected marine park.

Yes, there are some paperworks that must be completed before almost every excursion we offer but don’t worry, you have to do it just once!

The best thing is to go online and look for our dedicated page for every mandatory document. This page is easy and clear to surf.

You can fill up directly in this page all the necessary documents and we will collect them automatically as you send them.

Doing this procedure online will make all the check-in procedures at our shop smoother the day of the excursion. Less waiting more fun!

When you will fill up the papers online you will also receive a copy of all your docs to your E-Mail address. So easy!

Anyway if you have not the possibility to fill the paperwork online you can do it at the shop in the same day of the excursion or the previous days.

We usually run from two to three excursions per day.

The first excursion takes place in the morning and we expect to leave the port at 9.30 am maximum.

The excursion during the afternoon will leave from the port around 3 pm and the sunset excursion will leave at 6.30 pm.

So we suggest our customers to come to the shop at least 30 or better 45 minutes before departures to be sure every equipment has been prepared properly for everyone. If you come 60 minutes earlier you’ll probably have a chance to get a cafè while waiting us chilling at the bar!!!

Don’t forget we are lovely and smiley people who have a lot of patience but if you come late without calling to inform us, we will probably leave without you in order to respect all the others on the boat.

It’s hard to say precisely.

It depends on how much the people on the boat are getting fun and at what time we are able to leave the port!

Usually our excursions take between 3 and 3 and half hours. Sometimes we come back 30 minutes later but just because we love to make you laugh enjoying the excursion.

We always try to be punctual but it’s not always possible so be kind with us if we leave the port a bit later or if for some reasons we come back some minutes later than expected.

Of course they can!

We have different minimum ages limits for every kind of excursion. You can find these informations on the activity related page on our website and there are very clear informations about it even in the booking form.

Anyway if you leave on the boat and your kid is too young to make the excursion with you, we give you the possibility to bring him with you and while you’re in the water one of our staff members will take care of him.

More precisely, we always try to take kids during our excursions because we love them! However sometimes this isn’t possible, especially if they are too young to bring them within some excursion which could be dangerous for a too young kid.

If you have any question about this, feel free to contact us and we will give you any information needed.

Yes we do!

We have a variety of equipments for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling and we also  offer Kayak and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) usable trough hourly rental service.

In the shop you can also find underwater cameras, dry bags, shorty wetsuit and many more things.

The Scuba Diving equipment rental will be related to the excursion that you are going to make. By hiring the whole equipment you are going to have everything you need to dive with the maximum comfort: wetsuit, buoyancy compensator device, weight belt, boots, fins, mask and clearly a 15 litres cylinder filled up with air for every dive.

You can also add a dive computer and a torch as extra if you want but you should ask a staff member to get extra options before going for the excursion.

The rental of Kayak and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) equipment is by hour fee but if you want you can also get it for half a day or the entire day at a discounted price.

If you are not any closer to our shop you can call us, E-Mail us or even send us a whatsapp message to define a place where you want to go with Kayak or SUP so we will bring you directly the equipment. Naturally we will also come to get them back.

Our Gift Card is a simple and intuitive way to make a present with a pre imposed credit. It can be used on our e-shop online on the Archeo Diving website for every kind of bookable excursion or activity.

So choose an image and an amount, write a message or a dedication, insert the recipient’s info, sign your name and go to checkout.

The recipient will receive immediately an E-Mail with your Gift Card and will be able to use it straightaway.

Generally! However sometimes and only for safety reasons we cannot bring people out in the sea. These circumstances are related to weather conditions. Too windy or stormy days are not ideal to make carefree excursions so if our captain suggest us not to leave, the excursion could be postponed or cancelled.

In these rare cases you can choose whether coming for the next excursion after a couple of hours or making it the following day, 2 days later or whenever you prefer.

You can even decide to cancel the excursion and if you have already paid for that you will get a total refund or a credit to use on our e-shop online.

As you book online you will assure your seat on the boat for the excursion you have chosen.

After completing the checkout of your booking you will receive an E-Mail with all your reservation informations.

The first E-Mail will be the booking received statement and a couple minutes later you will receive another E-Mail with the booking completed statement.

The day in which the excursion takes place remember to bring the E-Mail with you and show it to a staff member.

That’s it, there is no need for more!

And if you lose the Booking Confirmation E-Mail you can give us your name and surname or even the e-mail which whom you have booked the activity and we will be able to find your transaction on our database so you will be able to make your excursion anyway.

It may be necessary to show an ID to confirm your reservation without the E-Mail, nothing more.

Of course you can! For example if you forgot to add equipments or any kind of extra to your booking you can ask for them directly to the staff members. No need to say that you will pay just the price of what you need and not included to your booking.

Yes, it is possible!


You can normally cancel your reservation up to 72 hours before the excursion.


The refund policy varies depending on the excursion or product you are booking and the information is clearly stated on the booking form for each activity or excursion.


Our cancellation policy states that a full monetary refund cannot be made if you decide to cancel your reservation because you have changed your mind. In this case, a monetary refund of 60% of the total amount of the reservation will be made.


You will, however, be able to decide to get a full refund of the reservation equal to 100% of the amount spent by opting to receive a coupon of the value of the reservation that can be used for future reservations for any of the activities and excursions we offer. The coupon issued will be valid for 18 months from the date of issue, will be nominative, and can be used only once.


Upon expiration of the 18 months, the coupon will no longer be valid and can no longer be used.

You will still be able to cancel your reservation. In this case it will not be possible to receive a monetary refund but you will receive a credit via coupon of the total value of your reservation to be used on our online e-shop with the same modalities and restrictions as in the previous points.

In the event that the excursion or activity is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions you will be offered to select an alternative date in order to make the excursion. In case you are unable to move the date you will get a full monetary refund of your reservation.

Generally, monetary refunds are issued within 48 hours of the request on the same payment method used to complete the reservation. Please note that banking circuits may require additional time to process requests and make the funds used for the reservation available again.


We advise you to read the points carefully:

  • Can I cancel the booking made online if I change my mind?
  • What happens if the time limit to cancel the reservation has expired?


To find out how your refund request will be handled.