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Liability release form
All of our excursions require the completion of this form

Before to make an excursion with us it is important to fill up this form to correctly do the checkin procedures. We ask our customers to fill this form up at the shop but from now you can make it done online and save time before the excursion.

Be sure to correctly insert every information, it will take just a couple of minutes.
After submitting you will receive also a copy directly to your email account.

This form is mandatory for every scuba diving activity made with us.

Recreational scuba diving and freediving requires good physical and mental health. There are a few medical conditions which can be hazardous while diving, listed below. Those who have, or are predisposed to, any of these conditions, should be evaluated by a physician. This Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire provides a basis to determine if you should seek out that evaluation. If you have any concerns about your diving fitness not represented on this form, consult with your physician before diving. If you are feeling ill, avoid diving. If you think you may have a contagious disease, protect yourself and others by not participating in dive training and/or dive activities. References to “diving” on this form encompass both recreational scuba diving and freediving.
This form is principally designed as an initial medical screen for new divers, but is also appropriate for divers taking continuing education. For your safety, and that of others who may dive with you, answer all questions honestly.

This form is mandatory for every activity made with us.

Health Declaration Form / COVID-19

The purpose of this medical questionnaire is to ensure that you are medically fit to dive. Please answer the following questions with a YES or NO. If you are not sure, answer YES. A positive response means that there may be a preexisting condition that could affect your safety while diving. If any of these items apply to you, we must request that you consult with a physician, preferably a specialist in diving medicine, prior to participating in diving activities.