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Liability Release Form
General informations
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Archeo Diving Snc
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Scuba Diving Section - Scuba Diver Informations
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1 - of having medical certification or evaluation that states the suitability of a Scuba Diving activity or to be in the right physical condition for carrying out the activity indicated or chosen on this form.

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2 - to be in psycho-physical conditions suitable for diving or for the activities indicated or chosen on this form

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3 - of not having taken, in the past 48 (forty-eight) hours prior of diving or prior of carrying out the activity indicated or chosen on this form, narcotic and / or psychotropic substances, not being under the influence of drugs and not having drunk of alcoholic beverages and / or exceeded with food

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4 - to be aware of the foreseeable and unforeseeable risks, even though diving and the other activities carried out by Archeo Diving cannot be considered as dangerous activities in themselves, connected to the practice of the activities indicated and / or carried out by Archeo Diving and to consciously assume the responsibility for these risks

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5 - To know and to comply before, during and after the activity, to all of safety rules specified from Archeo Diving, safety procedures and limitations relating to the Scuba Diving technique and / or the recreational activities indicated or chosen on this form, also in consideration of the diving license possessed, my level of training and experience and my physical abilities in relation to the chosen activity.

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6 - In the case of Scuba Diving

to comply with the Buddy System (at least two close divers per group) for the entire dive and to plan the dive previously with my partner, including: - underwater communication systems - procedures for a lost diver - all the emergency procedures

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_d72925a"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

7 - that I will observe and respect the national laws and the instructions given by the boat's staff, the instructor, the guide and by the safety coordinator regarding the descent and ascent operations, respecting all the rules to maintain highly safe whitin all water activities

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_bc78f13"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

8 - In the case of Scuba Diving,

to make all dives within the limits imposed by the safety curve, whether using a dive computer or using traditional dive tables.

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_5b0e706"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

9 - In the case of Scuba Diving

to carry out all dives with suitable equipment, in a perfect state of efficiency and maintenance

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_9f1c48f"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

10 - to not practice, during the dive and / or the making of the activity chosen on this form, any type of fishing or picking up any kind of underwater object and / or touch marine objects or marine organisms

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_7f6fd77"]
[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

11 - To assume from now on any responsibility regarding my person, for personal damage and / or damage caused by others (and / or things) due to my behavior that does not comply with the right Scuba Diving rules or techniques and / or during the making of the indicated or chosen activity or for any action that can be objectively considered irresponsible

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_8e1d169"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

12 - For me, as well as for my heirs and / or assignees, of relieve Archeo Diving Snc and its collaborators and employees, as well as their heirs and / or assignees from any responsibility for injury, death and / or any damage (including those caused by third parties) that should affect my person on the occasion of the making the recreational activity carried out with Archeo Diving, including the transport on the boat from the port and on the way back after the activity carryed out will end.

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_4831d78"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

13 - To have carefully read and evaluated the contents of this document and to have clearly understood the meaning of each single point before signing or sedning it out. I fully understand and agree with the purposes of these rules established for my safety and that not respecting them can put both me and the others in dangerous situations during the dive and / or during the activities indicated or chosen on this form

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_9daa38b"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

14 - To have provided correct and truthful information on every choice that has been chosen and / or on every field that has been filled up on this form

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I consent to the processing of my personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003

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[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"]
[field id="field_86c9dc0"]

For the purposes of art. 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, I declare that I specifically approve the points:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8,9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 of this writing

[field id="field_385d2ed"] [field id="field_942490e"] declare: [field id="field_c1a14df"]




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